TuffWrap Abrasion Wear Protection Hardshell Spiral Wrap
Abrasion Protection Wrap TuffWrapä
This abrasion protection wrap is manufactured from highly impact resistant nylon, and is simply wrapped over hose or cable to provide a tough protection for abrasion. Designed to provide protection to industrial wire, cable or hose (hydraulics).

Available in sizes to wrap individual or bundled hoses and cables with a total ID of 1 through 6 inches.

ä helps to organize and bundle hoses and cables, while proving heat resistance to a maximum of 450°F continuous duty, and provides excellent abrasion, scuff and wear resistance.
TuffWrap Nylon Abrasion Protection Spiral Wrap
Part Number SW-AP
abrasion protection spiral wrap for cable wire hose protection
high temperature spiral wrap for cable wire hose protection