EAF High Current Water Cooled Cable Cover for Electric Arc Furnaces
EAF High Current Water Cooled Cable Covers
EAF High Current Water Cooled Cable Covers
EasyInstallä covers are engineered to protect power cables on Electric Arc Furnaces. The ultimate protection against expensive cable failure and plant shut-down.

Manufactured from the heaviest protective fabric available, and then covered with an extra thick special formulation of silicone rubber that sheds molten metals, slag, welding splatter, electrical or grinding sparks and contamination.  Also provides protection from ozone, UV and abrasion.
We take our Heavy Duty Fabric and add 2" wide Nomex Velcro® hook and loop to result in a sleeve than can be easily installed on EAF cables without disconnecting the cables. Suitable for AC and DC EAF cables.

This retrofittable solution allows the sleeve to be added, or replaced conveniently. 

The smallest standard Inside Diameter (I.D.) is 1" and the largest standard I.D. is 12".  Larger I.D.s are possible by fabricating multiple fabric widths together, with an almost limitless I.D. size being the result.  Uses 3/4" wide Velcro® on I.D.s from 1 through 3 3/4"; and 2" wide Velcro® on 4 through 12" I.D. fabrications.