2000°F / 1093°C Extreme High Temperature, Heat, Flame, Fire, Weld Splatter, Resistant Woven Tape
Woven Tape:
Offers unique benefits: easy to wrap over a 90° bend without buckling.
Manufactured in 100' / 30.4m lengths.
1/8" thick tape, or folded and sticthed version is 1/4" thick.
          - Silica yarn for 2000°F / 1093°C constant use.
          - Other widths available upon request. 
          - Pressure sensitive adhesive available.
Extreme High Temperature Silica Tape is used commonly as a seal or gasket tape on furnace and kiln doors gas turbine engines and boilers.  Silica has excellent burn through resistance when exposed to molten metal splatter from welding or cutting operations, and is a much superior material to fiberglass.
Part Number T-S-XT-W