2300°F / 1260°C CerMax Extreme High Temperature
Ceramic Fiber Woven Tapes
Woven Tape:
Offers unique benefits: easy to wrap over a 90° bend without buckling.
Manufactured in 100' / 30.4m lengths.
1/8" thick tape, or folded and sticthed version is 1/4" thick.
          - Ceramic Fiber yarn for 2300°F / 1260°C constant use.
          - Other widths available upon request. 
          - Pressure sensitive adhesive available.
Extreme High Temperature Ceramic Fiber Tape is used commonly as a seal or gasket tape on furnace and kiln doors gas turbine engines and boilers.  Available as a Plain or Bolt-Hole (ladder) Tape.
High Temperature Heat Flame Resistant Ceramic Fiber Tape and Bolt Hole Ladder Tape
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Part Number T-C-W